Sale! Price:  $399.99 (as of 22/01/2022 19:16 PST- Details)

VIVO Electric Honey Extractor – With this product’s quiet 120V AC Motor, extracting honey has never been easier! The honey gate is elevated 15.25” from the floor to help keep the drum clear of extracted honey and allow room for a 5-gallon bucket underneath the gate.
Steel Drum – The stainless steel drum on this 4-frame honey extractor is 23.75″ tall and 18.5″ in diameter, perfect for extracting a lot of honey at one time. The gate opening rests a mere 0.5” above the bottom of the barrel, so you can easily get most of the honey out of the extractor without having to tip it forward.
Frames – This honey extractor fits shallow, medium, and deep frames and also keeps the metal gears enclosed to keep them clean of honey. You can choose to hold up to 8 small and medium frames or up to 4 large frames to extract your honey.

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