Flow Super (Western Red Cedar)
4 x Flow Frames
4 x Foundationless wooden frames


“So much easier for the beekeeper and so much easier on the bees.”

This revolutionary new invention has been described as the the most significant innovation in beekeeping since 1852. Honey harvesting now takes only a fraction of the time and effort that it used to, as our patented Flow Frame technology allows you to tap honey directly from your hive right into a jar.

A set of 4 Flow Frames with a Flow Super box made from sustainably sourced western red cedar for honey collection. Fits a 10-frame sized Langstroth box.

This hybrid super mixes Flow Frames and wooden foundationless frames, so you can harvest both honey and honeycomb.

Does not include bees.

The Flow Super comes to you flat-packed, and ready for easy assembly. Each frame comes with its own Flow Tube for harvesting honey with. The Flow system is a whole new way of extracting honey from Langstroth-style European honeybee hives. When you insert the Flow Key and split the honey cells, gravity does the rest of the work, and the honey simply flows into the trough, through the tube and into your jar. You’ll know when the honey is ready thanks to the Flow Frames’ unique clear end-frame view and side observation window which let you see inside without taking off the lid and bothering the bees.

Don’t worry about the bees getting squashed. We’ve designed it so no bees get harmed when the mechanism is activated, with little gaps they can safely hang out in while the honey flows out.

Of course, you’ll still need to look after your bees, as the brood box stays the same and when it comes to taking care of bees, there’s much to learn.

NB: Images show sealed and unsealed woodenware, woodenware is delivered unsealed.

Flow Super (Western Red Cedar)
4 x Flow Frames
4 x Foundationless wooden frames
4 x Flow Tubes & 1 x Flow Key
Printed Flow manual

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