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2-Tier hive: Premium solid wood construction for a durable hive. Includes one deep hive body box, which serve as the colony’s living quarters. This is the hive’s largest component, holding ten frames of honeycomb. One medium super box collects surplus honey harvested from your bees and holds ten medium frames with foundations.
20 Frames with foundations: Our Langstroth Beehive Kit comes with twenty removable solid-wood frames, with plastic foundations, designed to support the honeycomb. The kit includes ten deep brood frames and foundations, and ten medium super frames and foundations, which bees use to make their honeycombs.
Telescoping cover and bottom board: This heavy-duty galvanized metal cover, prevents rust, protects your beehive and the colony from the outdoor elements, and helps extend the life of the wood hive. The bottom board supports the weight of the entire hive and protects the colony and the floor of your hive from the damp ground.

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This 20 frame beehive kit from Honey Keeper is constructed with all of the features that help you create a prosperous colony. The foundation is built with premium fir wood while the frames are made of white pine wood and features a galvanized metal capped telescoping roof top. The kit comes with everything you need to build a Langstroth style bee hive with 10 deep frames, 10 medium size frames, and pre-cut frame unwaxed foundations with hexagonal shaped foundations surfaces. Also included is the inner cover, bottom board, entrance reducer, and queen excluder. The hive is easy to assemble with pre-cut finger joints and also includes heavy duty nails. Measures 23 inches in length by 18-1/4-inches in width by 19-3/4 inches in height.
20-Frame Hive 10 Deep and 10 Medium
Complete kit that is easy to assemble
Deep super frame and medium super frame with foundations
Solid bottom board, entrance reducer, inner cover, and queen excluder
Pre-assembled metal telescoping roof to help keep out the elements

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