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Fresh Bee Pollen
Pure, Raw, Natural, Non GMO
Collected with a pollen trap straight from the hive



100% Pure, Raw, Natural, Local Nebraska Bee Pollen For Sale! Our fresh bee pollen comes straight from our hives which are located on environmentally protected USDA Pollinator Habitat land along the Loup River within Central Nebraska. This wildlife habitat protected land is located several miles away from any agricultural ground, and provides our bees with a floral source of over 40 different blooming wildflowers from the untamed prairie of Nebraska. We employ organic beekeeping methods to ensure our bees are healthy and that all our bee products are the way nature has intended. Our fresh bee pollen has a taste that can be described as rich and earthy from a variety of floral plants. Unlike regular store bought bee pollen, our pollen is never processed or heated in order to maintain all vital nutrient qualities of antioxidants, protein, enzymes, vitamins, and amino acids. Our pollen is fresh and is best kept refrigerated after opening. Most large honey producers heat/dry their bee pollen to make it more preserved which destroys all the nutrients! We keep our bee pollen raw and natural the way the bees intended. When you purchase our bee pollen, it comes straight from us the beekeeper as we gather the pollen from our bees using a “pollen trap” and bottle all of our bee pollen by hand straight from our hives. Add bee pollen to your diet by simply eating it raw with a spoon, adding a few teaspoons to super charge a protein shake or smoothie, use as a topping over yogurt or cereal.
Fresh Bee Pollen
Pure, Raw, Natural, Non GMO
Collected with a pollen trap straight from the hive
High in protein, amino acids, contains over 160 nutrients including all known vitamins and minerals
Bee Pollen has a very Earthy taste

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