Kind o’ Honey

honeyBees are often killed in the production of honey, in the worst case the whole hive may be destroyed if the keeper doesn’t wish to protect them over the winter. Not all beekeepers do this, but the general practice is one that embodies the attitude that living things are mere material and have no intrinsic value of their own other than what commercial value we can wrench from them. Artificial insemination involving death of the male is now also the norm for generation of new queen bees.

Crystallized Honey

Honey in which some of the glucose content has spontaneously crystallized from solution as the monohydrate. Also called “Granulated Honey.”

Strained Honey

Honey which has been passed through a mesh material to remove particulate material (pieces of wax, propolis, other defects) without removing pollen.

Creamed Honey

Honey which has been al lowed to crystallize, usually under controlled conditions, to produce a tiny crystal.

What is pasteurized Honey?

Granulation or crystallization (the growth of glucose crystals) is a natural process in all honey. Darker honey seem to crystallize faster than lighter colored honey. In grocery stores you will find most likely liquid honey that has been heated to very high temperatures (to kill yeast spores), filtered very fine (to remove starter crystals), and even had its moisture level increased artificially.

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